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  • It is a prepaid system. It is top of range technology available to consumers, which offers the possibility of keeping track of your costs of electricity, in other words, it allows consumers decide for how much he/she wants or can spend during a given period of time.
  • The implementation of CREDELEC by EDM started in 1995 with a trial project that covered 500 customers.
Advantages of the prepaid system (CREDELEC)
  • Among several advantages of "Credelec" system the following should be highlighted:
  • Improved management in the consumption of electricity by customers;
  • Increased transparency in processing electricity consumption;
  • Elimination of power disconnection due to delayed/payment;
  • Possibility of buying electricity based on requirements and purchasing power of the customer;
  • bsence of Penalties due to delayed payment;
  • Improved service delivered to customer; and
  • Strengthened relationship between EDM/Customer.



 “The major goal of installing the pre-paid system, the so-called online CREDELEC, consists of replacing the database, which works in isolation nationwide, by an integral online regime, which will provide our clients with satisfaction, as they shall enjoy, among others, several electric energy purchase modalities. 

By late 2020, the CREDELEC system reached a universe of around 671.322 clients, which represents 78% of the consumers of electric energy.

However, the offline CREDELEC System has some constraints namely: 

The client is bound to buy energy in the agency where they are registered;

There is duplication in the invoicing of waste collection and radio taxes;

Constant complaints by the clients; and

There are limitations for connection with other customer care services (for example: mobile phone, banking, internet, retail dealers, etc.)

This way, aiming at mitigating the aforementioned constraints, EDM, through an international bid, has assigned ITRON Company to identify a technological solution as to make the present on-line CREDELEC system operational, through a Scheme called the National On-line Pre-Paid Electric Energy Sale (On-line CREDELEC).

This system will be made operational in two phases, and the work shall last 18 months, due to commence in April 2011.


We are fully convinced that the implementation of the National On-line Pre-Paid Electric Energy Sale, we will boost our clients satisfaction as they shall enjoy various purchasing modalities of energy anywhere and anytime across the country, through:

Purchasing electric energy in the petrol stations;

Purchasing electric energy in vending machines in the supermarkets; 

Purchasing electric energy in ATMs; and

Purchasing electric energy through Scratch Card (Voucher), mobile phone, Internet, etc.”


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